RCAfé & Furniture
The winning design of a student design competition for the Royal College of Art student café includes a lounge and a games area. The design was an experiment for how a simple collection of furniture and lighting could be arranged within an existing space to create a cohesive and lively whole while providing distinct places and uses within. Several custom designs were made for the café: the Plate Light, the Cup Light, the Low Concrete Table, and an upholstered sofa collection. The serving bar, constructed of Baltic plywood ribs covered with a translucent resin and fibreglass sheet material, was designed as an architectural lantern and casts a warm glow over the room. Designed in collaboration with Nathalie de Leval and Chris Howker.

Several wall lights at seated-head height define the space and mood of the lounge area. Various ready-made products were tested as light shades. The RCA’s canteen plate won hands down for creating the most beautiful light effect. The Plate Light simply sits the plate in a wire frame like a household dish rack.

A Wedgwood porcelain cup is drilled and combined with standard halogen lighting components to create the Cup Light. Just as the handle allows a hot cup to be held, it allows the light to be redirected.
1997 - Winner of student café design competition, Royal College of Art, London.
1997 - Design Week Awards, UK, Restaurants category.
1997 - Plate Light - I.D. Annual Design Review, USA, Honorable Mention.

Photos: Thomas Q Napper
Photos: Toni Hafkenscheid (Plate Light & Cup Light)